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Mis sold PPI

Has it happened to you?

Mis sold PPI is one of the biggest Mis selling practices to hit the UK Financial Services Market since the endowment Mis selling scandal. Have you been Mis sold PPI in the past or are you unsure if it was added to your loan or credit card or any other financial product you have purchased including your mortgage.

The FSA are currently in discussions with the banks to bring a deadline into play for ppi claims and it is estimated that this could be as early as the summer of 2014 so do not delay start the process today.

PPI could have been added to your personal loan, credit card, car finance and store card and it is now estimated that £25 billion will be paid out in compensation so get your share of this money before it becomes too late.

The average payment people are receiving in compensation is just over £2600 and we have had many clients that have received more when we submitted their ppi claim on their behalf including one client who got nearly £40,000.

The Financial Ombudsman is dealing with thousands of ppi claims every day and has had to employ over 1000 extra staff as a result of the ppi scandal so the possibility of you being missold a policy is high.

Check it out now as people are receiving thousands of pounds in compensation for being Mis sold PPI. We operate a “No Win, No Fee” service so you have nothing to lose. Read our dedicated page on Missold PPI for further information. Don’t delay click here to start your claim process today you have nothing to lose.


Mis sold Pensions?

More common than you think

Mis sold Pensions claims have increased in recent years and we expect a significant increase in claims in the future.

Mis sold Pensions can cover a variety of issues including pension mortgages, pension transfers and many more types of pensions.

If you think you may have been Mis sold your Pension in the past then visit our dedicated page for Mis selling of Pensions to find out further details on Mis sold Pensions.

As previously advised we expect claims in this area to escalate in the future so click here to start your claim today.

We have huge success in the missold pension market and have already secured clients substantial payouts including

Mr M £167,000

Mr D £112,500

Dr Z £110,000


All of these cases were entirely different with one client already in retirement, one client still working who had done a pension transfer some 20 years earlier and a Doctor who was advised to take out FSAVCs instead of contributing to the NHS pension so our experience in all aspects of missold pensions speaks for itself.

 Missold Bonds

As the number of people that are complaining that their investment bond or with profits bond was missold to them have you currently got one of them or had one in the past?

As there is a variety of different reasons these could have been missold to you it is worth while getting you bond sale checked to see if it fitted with your risk profile at the time of sale.

There are many areas of your risk profile that could make such investments unsuitable for you and they could have been sold for financial gain and nothing else as these generally carried higher commission rates than other types of investments such as ISAs, Unit Trusts and OEICs or you simply may have been advised to invest into one with a substantial amount of your savings when you have never had any other risk associated with your savings in the past.

There are many other reasons these types of investments have been missold such as your age when you took the investment out, was you tax free savings maximized at the time if not why not, if you were advised that the income you can obtain from these bonds was tax free plus many more.

We would strongly suggest you have your investment bond or with profits bond sale audited to give you piece of mind moving forward.

For further information on missold bonds visit our dedicated page on the subject.


Missold Investments

Missold investments are on the increase and millions has already been paid out to clients who have received inappropriate advice with their savings and the trend is set to increase in the coming months and years as more and more people are discovering that what they were advised on at the outset is not the entire truth.

We have won clients compensation for missold ISAs, Unit trusts and bonds in the past and with our expertise in this area if you feel you may have been missold and would like us to audit your case then please get in touch.

Many people were missold investments because of their age, their risk profile did not match the investment, were advised to invest a large proportion of their savings into an investment with either little or no experience of the investment market in the past or sometimes for financial gain by the advisor and no other reason so the best investment you could ever make is to have your file audited by one of our experts.


Missold Annuities

Our dedicated page will give you more information on this subject and we will only summarise the main points here so if you want more detailed information then please visit the missold annuity page.

Annuities is what we all have to buy when we retire with the pension funds we have built up over the years in money purchase pension schemes and there is several options open to us that should have been discussed with the Financial Advisor prior to committing to a particular annuity for your needs but unfortunately this is not always the case and many people have been missold their annuities as a result of this.

People who have final salary pension schemes through their employer are not affected by this so they have no need to worry about being missold an annuity unless they have had a money purchase pension scheme in the past.

Options open to people who are concerned that they may have been missold are they can use the services of annuity lawyers or the services of a specialist claims management company like ours, the choice is there’s but as we specialize in Financial claims I would suggest we have more experience on the whole process and would recommend you use our services.

Types of annuities that may have been missold are With Profits annuities because people were not explained the associated risk attached to them

Annuities that was sold by a tied Financial Advisor who did not give you the open market option choice or possibly from an Financial Advisor who could only offer a select choice of annuities.

As this income is to last you for the remainder of your life it is important that you get it checked to ensure you were not missold and have the appropriate annuity for your needs.

Don’t delay get your annuity checked today either by us or by selecting from annuity laywers who offer this service.


Missold Mortgages

The single biggest purchase most of us will make in our life is our Home and for most that means a mortgage of some kind but with all the Scandals surrounding the UK financial sector and banks it is no surprise that mis sold mortgages are on the increase with the Financial Ombudsman seeing a substantial increase in complaints in 2012.

So how would you know if your mortgage was missold to you? The only real way to find out is to let us or another claims management company audit the sale for you to ensure it met your needs. Unfortunately because of the work involved we do not and cannot do this free of charge and charge a small administration fee of £60 to audit the mortgage file to see if you have been missold your mortgage which is non refundable. This is due to the staff hours that have to go into auditing a case properly.

Many people consolidated debt into their mortgages which in many cases could result in you being missold your mortgage and many people were sold mortgages into retirement without consideration being given to their income in retirement and the FSA have started to fine companies for such behaviour with DB Mortgages one of the first companies to suffer a fine by the FSA.

As we specialize in the Financial sector in the UK for people being missold a variety of products you can be sure your case will be audited correctly as we only use staff that has been previously qualified in the Financial Services Industry to carry out audits on your case.

If you are unsure if you were missold a mortgage or not why not give us a call or send us an email to discuss your case further or first visit our dedicate missold mortgage page to find out more.


Mis sold Mortgage Protection Insurance

As we are all aware when we purchase a house with a mortgage we need to protect the mortgage in case of death or serious illness so our loved ones are not left with a huge burden if anything happens to us but the sad thing is mis sold mortgage protection insurance is part of the UK Financial culture that we live in and many people have been missold the mortgage protection cover for one reason or another.

Do you want to leave your family and loved ones with this burden? If not why not get a free audit on the mortgage protection sale to ensure it meets your needs and has not been missold to you.

These types of policies can be missold for a variety of reasons including to people who are single and may not need them in the first place and they have only been sold for financial gain or people who have been sold cover that does not meet the amount borrowed or the term of the mortgage but for more detailed info visit our dedicated page.

Remember these policies are designed to pay your mortgage off in case of death or critical illness in some cases so your loved ones are protected so why not get it checked with our FREE no obligation service so you can have peace of mind that you have the appropriate cover to protect your needs.


Interest rate swap mis selling

Have you owned your own business and had to borrow money from the bank in the form of a loan at some point since December 2001?

If so then the possibility of you having been missold an Interest rate swap policy is quite high and you could be in line for compensation as the banks have been told to review all sales since December 2001.

The review will only cover what the banks consider non sophisticated clients and this is why you should use the services of Money and Me as we will build up your case to demonstrate that you were in fact a non sophisticated client thus helping you claim back compensation.

The guidelines for compensation for people and small businesses that have been affected by the interest rate swap mis selling scandal have been left very much open by the FSA in that the banks have to compensate what they feel is fair under the circumstances and this is another reason you should be using a claims management company to assist you with your claim as you can be assured that not everyone will get fair compensation if the banks track record is anything to go by in recent years.

Interest rate swap claims should take effect from February 2013 with most people just waiting and hoping that their bank contacts them but in reality this will not always be the case and you could wait years for that to happen so why not get your claim under way today with the best claims management company in the business who has already helped people get millions of pounds back. Contact us to get back what is rightfully yours now.

Frequently asked Questions about our Service


Are you a regulated claims management company?

Yes we are fully regulated by the Ministry of Justice and our details can be found on their register at

Are you a registered company?

Yes we are a registered company and our details can be found on company’s house

How long have you been trading?

We have been trading in the claims management area for 3 years

Is your staff qualified?

Although there is no formal qualification for claims handlers all the staff we use have passed either the mortgage qualifications or Financial Planning Certificates and in many cases our staff have both qualifications

Have you won claims before?

Yes we have helped thousands of people claim back millions of pounds so our record speaks for itself

How can we contact you?

You can contact us by either using of free phone service, by email or you can write to us whichever you prefer

How quickly to you deal with claims?

It is our aim to deal with all claims and correspondence within 3 working days of receiving them

What is the biggest claim you have had?

Our biggest claim to date is over £167,000 with more claims in excess of £100,000 also but we have had many small claims also

Can I cancel my agreement?

Everybody has 14 days to cancel from the date they sign the our terms after this period we reserve the right to charge a cancelation fee

Do you share my details with other companies?

We only share your details with whom it is necessary such as the company we will write to for your file, the Financial Ombudsman if we have to submit your case to them and other relevant authorities and our sister companies. We will not share your details with unnecessary third parties or sell your detail to anyone else.

Can I access my details?

Yes you can access your details in line with the Data Protection Act which generally costs £10 and we have 40 days to supply you with the details we hold about you

Will I get updates on my claim?

Yes we will send updates as soon as we have them generally by email and we always ask people to check their spam folder and accept emails from us

How much do you charge?

For PPI Claims we work on a no win no fee basis and charge 15% plus VAT on any amounts we get our clients back, this is the same for missold mortgage protection insurance and missold interest rate swap mis selling. For missold pensions, investments and mortgages we charge a small audit fee of £60 upfront which is non refundable due to the work involved in these types of cases and the rest is exactly the same s for PPI claims and missold mortgage protection insurance claims.

If you have any other questions you would like the answers to then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

* No Win No Fee – Fee payable if case is not pursued at client’s request